Dental Implants

Missing teeth can cause embarrassing gaps in your smile. Fairfax Family Dental Care offers dental implants, a long-lasting solution for tooth loss.

Instead of the traditional bridges and removable dentures of the past, residents of Fairfax, VA, are choosing restorations supported by durable titanium implants.

Dental Implant Emergency? Contact Us for Urgent Care


Our practice in Fairfax, VA, offers emergency dentistry services. If you are experiencing complications with a dental implant, even if your implants were placed by another dentist, contact our office and we will get you the care you need as soon as possible.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a prosthetic or artificial tooth root that our dentists surgically place in the jawbone to hold a crown, bridge, or denture.

Implants can either be made of biocompatible titanium or biocompatible ceramic. Over time, these materials naturally fuse with the jawbone, so the implant becomes part of your anatomy. At the end of implant treatment, your prosthetic teeth will be just as secure and usable as your natural teeth.

Because of their numerous advantages, dental implants are considered modern dentistry's best solution for tooth replacement.

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Our highly trained doctors are able to place implants, abutments, and restorations at our office in Fairfax, VA.
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Dental Implant Benefits

Dental implants have a number of advantages over other treatments for missing teeth.

  • Built to Last - Dental implants have impressive long-term success rates and are made from sturdy, biocompatible materials. While restorations eventually need to be changed, the implants themselves may never need to be replaced.
  • Provide Bone Support - Jawbone atrophy is a natural consequence of tooth loss. However, dental implants help deliver regenerative signals to your bone, keeping it healthy and preventing bone loss. Implants also don't sacrifice the quality of surrounding teeth.
  • Improved Stability - For patients who need dentures, dental implants allow you to fasten your restoration directly to your jawbone. No dental adhesives are needed. This reduces any slipping or clicking associated with dentures and allows you to eat and speak without reservation.
  • Natural Look and Feel - With the exception of your natural teeth, nothing looks or feels more natural than a restoration supported by an implant.

Interested in Dental Implants? Schedule a Free Consultation Today

If you think dental implants might be the solution you are looking for, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at Fairfax Family Dental Care. We happily provide initial consultations to new patients free of charge (although X-rays and imaging may incur a fee).

During your consultation, our dentists will ask about your medical and dental history, examine your bite and the site of your missing tooth, and determine your candidacy for implants. 

To request a consultation at our Fairfax, VA, office, fill out our online form or give us a call at:

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Fairfax's Favorite Dentist Real 5-Star Reviews from Long-Time Patients


Rik Ebbesen

Fairfax, VA


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We have been going to Fairfax Family Dental Care for many years. I left at one point for no good reason and came back. Love the atmosphere, the friendly conversations and the personal touch. There’s a reason why much of their staff have worked there for so long! Highly recommend this establishment and giving your family the service they deserve!!

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Giselle Bowers

Fairfax, VA


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I have severe dental anxiety, and this place has helped me so much. I have never had an issue here and it’s the only place where I have felt calm and at peace with getting cleanings and anything else I need.

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Don't Be Ashamed of Missing a Tooth Many People Experience What You're Going Through

Are you missing a tooth or two? It's okay. Tooth loss is more common than you may realize.

Studies have found that by the age of 64, adults are usually missing an average of 7 teeth.

Excellent Implant Dentistry What Sets Our Dental Office Apart

Comprehensive In-House Care

Other dentists may refer you all over town for different stages of treatment, but our doctors are able to handle every aspect of your care, including the surgical placement of implants, at our dental office in Fairfax, VA.

Advanced Technology

Our practice is equipped with some of the most sophisticated technology available in modern dentistry. Our advanced X-ray and imaging machines especially come in handy when planning the placement of dental implants.

Experienced Doctors and Staff

Our practice has proudly served the people of Fairfax since 1986. Our dentists and support staff bring decades of knowledge to each implant dentistry procedure, improving patient experience and outcomes.

Will My Dental Insurance Cover the Cost of Implants?


No. Implant dentistry is considered elective in nature, which means insurance will rarely if ever cover the procedure. The implant restoration (i.e., bridge or denture) and other aspects of the treatment process may be covered by your insurance, however. We can discuss implant costs and coverage during your consultation.

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Cost and Payment Options

On average, patients can pay between $3,000-$4,500 per dental implant. Numerous factors contribute to the overall price of implant treatment.

Our team will work with you to find affordable solutions and keep out-of-pocket costs down as much as possible.

Wallet-Friendly Financing

We want to make the life-changing benefits of dental implants available to as many patients as possible, so we gladly accept financing through CareCredit®, a third-party healthcare lender.

During your visit to our dental office, we can go over the cost of care and review how financing can help you pay for treatment.

Work With Dentists You Can Trust Visit Our Implant Experts in Fairfax, VA

Patients choose Fairfax Family Dental Care for implant services because our doctors have decades of combined experience with implant dentistry. In fact, we are affiliated with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, which allows us to stay informed of the latest developments in this exciting, state-of-the-art field.

In addition to our proven expertise, patients choose us because:

  • Our office was designed to be accessible to patients with disabilities
  • We are able to perform virtually any dental procedure in-house
  • Our team is friendly, helpful, and experienced

If you are looking for dentists in Fairfax, VA, to handle your dental implant care, we believe we are the practice for you. Request a consultation with our doctors today by filling out our online form or calling:

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You Can Depend on Our Doctors

"I have been a patient at Fairfax family dental care for 10 years. This is an awesome dental clinic, full of caring professionals. You can trust them." Maria Levesque

We Can Restore Your Smile WITH DENTAL IMPLANTS

The dental implants we provide offer many benefits, and the restorations they support also contribute to a beautiful, more complete smile. Fairfax Family Dental Care can improve the appearance of your smile, giving you a confidence boost and allowing you to show off your smile without feeling embarrassed.

Our helpful staff is ready to answer any questions you may have about dental implants and the placement procedure. To book a consultation, simply fill out our online contact form or give our Fairfax, VA, office a call at:

(703) 385-0303

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We Help Our Patients Feel Right at Home More Reviews for Our Friendly Staff and Dentists


Borr Magilicutty

Fairfax, VA


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Very calming environment. Professional work that turned out great

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Christopher pick

Fairfax, VA


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Great staff and awesome work. Been going here for years. Highly recommend

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How Does Dental Implant Treatment Work? A Timeline Overview

Dental implants can support all types of replacement teeth to restore functionality.
Dental implants can support all types of replacement teeth to restore functionality.

Planning and Preparation

During your consultation, we will use the VATECH PaX-i3D digital X-ray system to determine candidacy for dental implants and plan the surgery. With this advanced imaging software, we can accurately assess bone density and determine optimal placement of your implants.

Administering Anesthesia

Implant surgery at our office in Fairfax, VA, begins with the administration of sedation and local anesthesia. Once you are comfortable, we will prepare the dental implant site or sites.

Incisions and Placement

Our surgeons will create incisions in the gums to expose the underlying bone. Then, we will create small holes in the bone that will house the implant posts. Once the holes are the proper depth and width, we can place the implants. This is done with a series of instruments that help to ensure proper placement.

Completing Implant Surgery

Once all implants are secure, we will place a flat healing cap over the end of the screw. This serves to protect the implant from bacteria and infections while you heal. When the healing caps are in place, we will restore the gum flaps we created and suture them in place.


The recovery process after implant surgery is lengthy. This phase is referred to as osseointegration and can take anywhere between three and six months. During this time, the implants will fuse with your bone. To avoid disturbing this critical process, you must eat primarily soft foods and very gently brush and floss your teeth and gums.


Once the osseointegration phase is complete, you will return for the placement of the abutment(s). Abutments connect the implant to the crown, bridge, or denture. We will again create flaps in your gums to expose the healing cap. We will remove the healing caps and replace them with the abutments.

Implant Restoration

You must typically wait about another week for your gums to heal around the abutments before we can place your final crown, bridge, or denture. The dental restorations we use near-perfectly resemble natural teeth, so you will leave your restoration appointment with a full, bright, healthy-looking smile.

Maintaining Dental Implants and Restorations Proper Oral Hygiene and Implant Aftercare

You may think that nothing could possibly replace your own teeth, but our restorations are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Additionally, dental implants and the restorations they support are often just as easy to care for.

Dental implant patients typically won't have to do anything out of the ordinary to keep them clean. Fairfax Family Dental Care is here to be your partner in lifelong oral health.

Caring for Your Dental Implants

Once your dental implants are in place and you've healed from treatment, it's fairly easy to keep them in good shape. Simply follow a good at-home oral hygiene routine: brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. You should also attend regular dental screenings with your dentist.

During your aftercare checkups and routine cleanings, we may recommend interproximal brushes, superfloss, or a water flossing system to help you access the hard-to-reach places in your mouth.

With proper care, your dental implants can last a lifetime, just like natural teeth that have been cared for properly.

Care for Implant-Supported Crowns

Dental crowns can be treated just like your natural teeth. You can brush a dental crown twice a day with a soft-bristle toothbrush and toothpaste and floss around it once a day to keep your gums healthy enough to support the restoration.

It is safe to use an antibacterial or fluoride mouthwash with these and other restorations. This can help keep your smile looking great and your breath fresh and clean.

Crowns can last for 10 to 15 years or longer when cared for properly.

Care for Implant-Supported Bridges

When caring for a dental bridge, you can brush it just like you brush your natural teeth. You will also need to use super floss, a floss threader, or an interdental brush to clean your gums underneath the bridge.

If you need additional oral hygiene guidance for your implant-supported bridge, our Fairfax dental staff can offer additional advice and tips.

Your dental bridge can last for five to 15 years with proper care.

Care for Implant-Supported Dentures

Using non-abrasive toothpaste, brush your denture twice daily with a soft-bristle toothbrush, and floss at least once a day.

Unlike traditional dentures, you don't have to remove implant-supported dentures to clean them, and they don't have to soak in water each night. Only your dentist will be able to remove your dentures to give them a thorough cleaning during regular checkups.

Implant-supported dentures can last for about 10 years.

Get the Treatment Process Started Contact Fairfax Family Dental Care

Want to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants? Our dentists can evaluate your dental health and let you know if they are the right solution for you. A natural-looking set of new teeth could be an appointment away. To take that first step to a new smile, contact our dental office in Fairfax, VA.

(703) 385-0303

A Great Reputation for Patient Care

"This is the absolute best place in the world for anyone/family to come for dental care. Please don't change anything. I have always been 100% satisfied with all the professional work I have had done at this dental office. They are always at the top of the latest, most efficient and painless procedures." Gotvisionz

What About Traditional Bridges and Dentures? On Common Alternatives to Dental Implants

You may be thinking, "Can't regular dentures or a dental bridge replace my missing teeth?"

It's true that traditional dentures and dental bridges are a lower-cost, quicker way to replace missing teeth. However, dentists recommend dental implants for a reason. Dental implants offer many benefits over dental bridges and dentures, including:

  • Neither traditional bridges nor dentures prevent bone loss, which can impact the health of your jawbone and any remaining natural teeth.
  • Dental bridges require altering the teeth surrounding the missing tooth. Dental implants do not alter healthy surrounding teeth.
  • Dentures can come loose even if you have creams or adhesives in place. Dental implants keep restorations fully anchored.
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Dental Implants FAQ

Does getting a dental implant hurt?

No. Thanks to modern pain management techniques, getting dental implants is relatively painless. There may be some soreness or discomfort during and after the surgical recovery process, but this can be mitigated using over-the-counter pain medication and other pain relief strategies as directed.

If I need a bone graft or sinus lift, how long will my overall implant treatment take?

If you need a bone graft, your overall treatment time may take a year or two. You'll need several months to heal from a bone grafting procedure before we can proceed with the rest of the implant process. This is to ensure that the bone graft has fused with the jawbone and can support a titanium or ceramic implant. We can discuss the surgical procedure and how it fits into your overall treatment plan during your consultation.

What is peri-implantitis? Should I be worried?

Peri-implantitis is a type of inflammation that affects the bone and soft tissue around a titanium or ceramic implant. Left untreated, it could lead to implant failure. If you avoid tobacco products, brush and floss regularly, and come to our dentists for routine cleanings every six months, your risk of developing peri-implantitis will remain low.

Can someone be too young for dental implants?

Yes. Implant-retained restorations are only recommended for adults in good oral health whose jawbones have fully matured and developed. Even if a child has congenital tooth loss (tooth agenesis), dental implants should not be placed until they have reached adulthood. We can discuss other age-appropriate tooth replacement options in the interim.

Have a Question About Dental Implants We Didn't Answer? Contact Fairfax Family Dental Care to Learn More

There are so many facets to implant dentistry that we likely haven't answered all of your questions. If you need more information about full or partial dentures anchored by implants, our dentists can help. We can provide more insight into prosthodontic care as well as general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry concerns.

If you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, contact our dental practice in Fairfax, VA. Our doctors and dental staff look forward to helping you.

(703) 385-0303

Get the Care You Need in a Welcoming Environment More 5-Star Reviews from Actual Patients


Sarah Koellisch

Fairfax, VA


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My initial consultation was very informative and I was scheduled quickly to come in for another visit. My second visit was wonderful - the dental hygienist that took care of me was kind, respectful, and extremely knowledgeable. She made sure I was aware of possible costs before starting any work and offered recommendations to ensure the longevity of my dental health. I will absolutely be returning.

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Jason Nunez

Fairfax, VA


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As someone new to the area, I've found that the dentist location at Fairfax Family Dental Care has been a fantastic fit for me and my dental needs. The staff's efficiency and ease of assistance have made my visits smooth and convenient. The kindness and careful approach of the staff, particularly the ladies, in handling my oral care have been truly impressive. I have nothing but positive experiences with Fairfax Family Dental Care and am grateful for their exceptional service.

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The Fairfax Family Dental Care office building.

Fairfax Family Dental Care

Our team of compassionate dental professionals uses state-of-the-art technology for every procedure we offer. As the premier emergency dentists in Fairfax, we are here to offer relief at any time of day or night, seven days a week. Our dentists are affiliated with professional associations including:

  • American Dental Association
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • The American Orthodontic Society
  • Virginia Dental Association

To schedule an appointment or receive immediate dental care, call: (703) 385-0303 or contact us online.

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