A Dental Exam and Cleaning Can Help You Enjoy Lifelong Oral Health

At Fairfax Family Dental Care, Dr. Charles D. Kirksey, Dr. Milan Simanek, and Dr. Touraj Kamali perform thorough exams and cleanings. During your biannual appointments at our Fairfax, VA, office, your dentist will check for signs of cavities, gum disease, and even oral cancer. After your dental exam, our hygienist will clean the bacteria from your teeth and gum line. This general dentistry treatment will help prevent gingivitis and periodontitis as well as tooth decay. Even if you have already developed a dental health concern, an early diagnosis will enable us to treat the problem with a more conservative solution. Our thorough and personalized care can help preserve your smile.

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Regular exams and cleanings can save you from significant discomfort and dramatic tooth damage. It can also eliminate the need for more costly restorative care.

What to Expect at Your Dental Visit

To ensure the most thorough care possible, your dental visit will involve multiple steps:

  • Digital x-rays: In addition to helping us see cavities, these images can reveal a host of additional problems, including structural damage and jawbone recession. If needed, we can also use the VATECH i3 imaging system to obtain 3-D views of your mouth.
  • Visual gum examination: Your dentist will also examine your gums to identify redness, swelling, and bleeding. These effects are among the most common symptoms of gum disease.
  • Bite evaluation: Your practitioner will visually assess the way that your teeth touch when you bite down. This test can help to diagnose TMJ disorder and bruxism.
  • Oral cancer screening: When your dentist scans for gum disease, he will also look for signs of oral cancer. If he sees any small sores or areas of discoloration, he will order a biopsy for a definitive diagnosis.
  • Cleaning: Finally, your hygienist will remove bacteria from your teeth and gum line. She will also eliminate plaque and tartar, which form when microbes remain in your mouth for an extended period of time. We may recommend a deep cleaning if you are suffering from a mild to moderate case of gum disease.

Our thorough and personalized care can help preserve your smile.

The Importance of Scheduling a Regular Dental Exam and Cleaning

Although at-home dental hygiene is essential, it can only go so far. Only a professional cleaning can fully eradicate the oral bacteria that causes decay and periodontitis. In addition, your practitioner can help you improve your daily dental routine by instructing you on proper oral hygiene protocols. Our comprehensive care can maintain your healthy and beautiful smile. Therefore, even if you do develop dental problems, an exam can uncover these concerns in the early stages, eliminating the need for more costly restorative care. Oral cancer screenings can also have life-saving benefits. The disease is more easily treatable with an early diagnosis, and these patients usually have a good outlook.

Our dental exams and cleanings can also protect your systemic wellness. Gum disease has been linked to life-threatening health conditions, such as heart disease. When we diagnose periodontitis early, we can quickly treat the condition. During a deep cleaning, we will remove the bacteria that may contribute to blood clots, heart attack, and stroke.

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