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Root Canal 

When left untreated, tooth decay can infect the inner part of your tooth and cause painful symptoms and eventual tooth loss. 

Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment that completely removes the soft tissue inside of your tooth. The team at Fairfax Family Dental Care uses this treatment to eliminate infection, deliver long-term relief, and avoid the need for extraction. 

What makes a root canal such a great treatment option? 

A Comfortable Procedure That Can Deliver Immense Relief 

Comfortable Treatment 

Although root canals have gained a bad reputation, the procedure is typically no more uncomfortable than a dental filling. In addition to a local anesthetic, our team can provide sedation to help you feel comfortable. 

Saves Natural Teeth 

During root canal therapy, one of our doctors will remove infected tissue inside of the tooth to restore it to good health. This eliminates the need for extraction and other more costly restorative procedures.

Prevents Other Issues 

When left untreated, a dental infection can cause extreme pain. Infection can even spread to your surrounding teeth or your jawbone tissue, causing tooth loss or bone loss. By treating infection, a root canal can prevent the onset of other issues

Here is what happens when you leave decay untreated...

Tooth decay

Worried about the procedure itself? 

Root Canals Are Less Painful Than You Think

Root canal pain statistic According to the International Endodontic Journal

More Information About Root Canal Treatment 

When damage and infection reach the inside of a tooth, it can cause severe pain and lasting damage. Gentle, conservative root canal therapy can treat dental infection and prevent the need for extraction. Drs. Milan Simanek, Touraj Kamali, and Charles D. Kirksey, offer complete endodontics such as root canal therapy in Fairfax, VA. Our team can often save even severely damaged teeth using advanced technology and minimal-discomfort techniques. By removing all infection and restoring the structure of your tooth, root canal treatment can prevent the need for extensive restorative options to replace teeth.

Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?

Your teeth can become damaged from cracks, breaks, cavities, and other issues. This damage leaves your tooth vulnerable to decay. When decay reaches the inside of your tooth, the soft tissue known as the pulp can become infected. This infection can cause swelling, pain, and extreme sensitivity. The resulting toothache can cause severe discomfort, and without treatment can become worse as infection spreads. Root canal therapy at Fairfax Family Dental Care can eliminate pain caused by infection and decay, preserving your smile and your oral health. 

Your Treatment Outline

Illustration of stages of root canal therapy

Removing Infection

When you receive treatment at our office, we will provide anesthesia for your comfort during the procedure. We can also provide further sedation. Our doctors will not proceed with treatment until you are comfortable and your tooth is fully numb. Once you are ready, we will carefully and gently alter your tooth to gain access to the infection and damaged tissue.

Fairfax Family Dental Care uses an advanced rotary system for our endodontic procedures. These specialized, rotating files allow us to more effectively remove infection and bacteria while altering less of your natural root structure. We can provide faster, more comfortable, and pain-free treatment. 

Restoring Form

Once all decayed tissue has been removed, we will flush the inside of your tooth with antibacterial dental solutions, helping to ensure that all infection is gone. Dr. Simanek, Dr. Kamali, or Dr. Kirksey can then fill the inside of your root canals using a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. This substance will provide form and strength to your tooth. To fully restore the function and form of your smile, we will place a customized crown.

Our office is typically able to provide fully individualized dental crowns within a day of your appointment, avoiding the usual two-week waiting time with other offices. While you wait for your permanent restoration to be created, you can wear a temporary that one of our doctors will place. Your permanent crown will provide strength and protection to your tooth, helping to prevent bacteria and decay from damaging it in the future.

The sooner we are able to treat infected teeth and root canals, the less chance the bacteria has to spread, allowing us to provide conservative treatment that can save your tooth.

Protect Your Oral Health

If you have been experiencing chronic, dull aches in particular teeth, you should contact our office immediately. The sooner we are able to treat infected teeth, the less chance the bacteria has to spread, allowing us to provide conservative treatment that can save your tooth. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please request a consultation online or call Fairfax Family Dental Care at (703) 385-0303.

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