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Oral Surgery Performed by Compassionate Doctors

At Fairfax Family Dental Care, we provide a host of oral surgery procedures, including bone grafting, wisdom tooth removal, soft-tissue grafting, and sinus lifts for patients in the Fairfax, VA, area. These procedures can drastically improve your oral health and prepare you for future restorative procedures, such as dental implants. Considered a specialty in the dental field by the American Dental Association, oral surgery focuses on treating soft and hard tissues in the mouth that are severely diseased, injured, impacted, or degenerated. These procedures are designed to improve both the function and form of your smile.

The Procedures We Provide

To provide our patients with comprehensive care, we can perform a variety of oral surgery procedures.

Bone Grafting

After tooth loss, jawbone tissue can begin to degenerate. This process can lead to structural changes, pain, and shifting teeth. It can also prevent you from qualifying for dental implants. To renew your eligibility for treatment, we provide bone grafting. During this procedure, we can transplant tissue from another area of your body, or place synthetic material into an empty tooth socket. This serves to promote jawbone regeneration and helps to create a strong foundation for dental implants.

We aim to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible for their oral surgery treatment with a welcoming environment, friendly staff, skilled doctors, and relaxing sedation.

Sinus Lift

In cases where there is insufficient bone density or spacing in the upper jaw, we can perform sinus lift surgery. During treatment, we can lift the sinus membrane and place harvested or donated tissue between the sinuses and upper jaw. This process promotes bone regeneration at the site of a missing tooth and can restore your candidacy for dental implants. 

Tooth Extraction

image of tooth extractionOur team will do everything we can to save a compromised tooth with the most conservative treatments, including root canal therapy. However, sometimes tooth extraction is necessary to preserve your overall oral health. Depending on whether the tooth is erupted or impacted, we offer both simple and complex tooth extractions and use anesthesia to make sure you remain as comfortable as possible. We offer a variety of tooth replacement options, including traditional dental crowns and dental bridges, as well as implant-supported restorations.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth, the last molars to develop, often contribute to overcrowding. In addition, when a wisdom tooth fails to properly emerge, it can result in infection and inflammation in the surrounding tissues, jeopardizing nearby teeth and gums. Whether your teeth are fully impacted, partially impacted, or completely erupted, we offer wisdom tooth removal to protect your long-term oral health.

What Distinguishes Our Practice

We aim to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible for their oral surgery treatment with a welcoming environment, friendly staff, skilled doctors, and relaxing sedation. As an associate with Fairfax Family Dental Care for over 20 years, Dr. Touraj Kamali has extensive training in oral surgery and continues to broaden his dental education regularly, using state-of-the-art dental technology in his procedures. He works side by side with Dr. Charles D. Kirksey and Dr. Milan Simanek to provide patients with personalized, comprehensive care.

Learn More About Oral Surgery

If you are concerned you may need oral surgery, it is important to select a practice devoted to the highest standard of patient care. Please contact Fairfax Family Dental Care online or call at (703) 385-0303 to schedule your consultation and learn about our services.

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