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Root Canal Treatment

Are you having acute tooth pain? You might need root canal treatment.

A root canal infection won’t go away on its own. If left to spread, it can require extensive dental work and cause serious problems. 

If you need emergency care now (day or night), call Fairfax Family Dental Care in Fairfax, VA. 

Emergency Dental Care

We offer around-the-clock emergency dental care. If a need for a root canal strikes on a weekend or in the middle of the night, you can receive same-day emergency care at our state-of-the-art facility. 

In Pain Now? Get Relief! We Are Here Whenever You Need Us

Fairfax Family Dental Care is dedicated to providing top-tier dental care whenever people need it. Drs. Milan Simanek, Touraj Kamali, and Charles D. Kirksey are highly trained and belong to prestigious organizations including the American Dental Association, the American Orthodontic Society, and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

Our years of experience, compassionate care, and advanced technology allow us to provide root canal treatment right away, without having to refer you to an endodontist.

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"I'm Very Grateful." Patients Discuss Having a Root Canal by Our Doctors




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I put in an emergency online request near midnight on a Friday and was shocked to receive a call in minutes. I’m not sure who I spoke to but Dr Kamali and his staff were wonderful performing my root canal the following morning. Medications were ready at the pharmacy on my way home. I’m very grateful and happy with the professional, compassionate care I received.

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Ms K


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I stumbled upon then because of a bad tooth (isn’t that why we end up seeing half the dentists we do?). Anyway, I’ve had two cleanings, a root canal, a crown, extracted a tooth chips that was broken off from my wisdom tooth being pulled in 1991. Fairfax Family Dental has been around for years, I’m sorry I didn’t know them years ago. Their services are amazingly priced and open Sundays for emergencies (this is how I met Dr. Kamali). 

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Don't Ignore Early Symptoms

Not every root canal infection starts with an excruciating toothache, which often signals that bacteria has reached the pulp (soft inner tissue) of a tooth. Instead, you may first notice subtle signs that something is wrong. It's best not to ignore these early symptoms. Signs that you may need a root canal procedure include: 

  • Toothache, mild or acute
  • Unexplained tooth sensitivity
  • Discoloration in a tooth
  • Swollen gums
  • Chronic bad breath
  • A pimple on the gums

Free Consultations

Fairfax Family Dental Care in Fairfax, VA, offers free consultations for first-time patients. (X-rays and other imaging may incur a fee.) 

How a Root Canal Infection Progresses 

infected tooth
Regular dental visits can help you avoid the need for root canal treatments. Something as simple as a cavity can turn into a need for a more complex dental procedure if it is left untreated.

Benefits of a Root Canal  Relief and So Much More

Avoid an Extraction

Root canal treatment removes a tooth's infected soft interior, which includes blood vessels and nerves, while preserving the tooth's hard exterior so the tooth can be saved. The only alternative treatment for the infection is to extract the tooth entirely. 

Stop the Infection

Infection of a root canal can start in one tooth, but if it is left untreated it can spread to other teeth, the gums, and the jaw. The worst scenario is if the infection spreads to the bloodstream or even the brain, which can be life-threatening.

Avoid More Treatments

If your root canal infection requires tooth extraction, you will likely need additional treatments since, over time, the gap in your smile will allow other teeth to shift out of alignment and affect your bite. Replacing a tooth can be quite costly.

Worried about Costs? 

We work with most insurance providers, and root canals qualify for at least partial coverage under most plans. If you are uninsured, we offer flexible financing through CareCredit®, a third-party healthcare lender that allows you to split the cost of dental services into low monthly payments with little or no interest charges. Call to get more details:

(703) 385-0303



Lisa Durand


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Fantastic! No wait, very thorough cleaning with solid feedback and preventative suggestions. I had a few hygienists and they are all great. I originally went to this location for an emergency root canal a few years ago and decided to stick with them because of the great experience and service I had. Totally worth the 40 min drive.

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claire fowler


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Dr. Kirksey is the best dentist ever and so are the rest of the dentists in their facility. Their staff is courteous, their prices are low, they are very good to people, and they have the best facility.

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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy is categorized as endodontics, meaning it is focused on the soft tissue within the tooth. The procedure completely removes the soft tissue inside your tooth and the root canals (the centers of the tooth roots). The dentists at Fairfax Family Dental Care use root canal therapy to eliminate infection, deliver long-term relief, and avoid the need for extraction. Our highly trained dentists use the latest technology to perform this endodontics procedure. 

What You Can Expect During Your Root Canal Therapy

Our modern technology and emergency care allow us to treat root canal patients quickly and comfortably so they don't have to spend painful hours waiting for an appointment with an endodontist. The sooner you receive treatment for a root canal, the sooner you'll feel relief.

Our gentle dentists and advanced technology make root canal treatments typically no more uncomfortable than a dental filling.

Day of Root Canal

Our gentle dentists and advanced technology make root canal treatments typically no more uncomfortable than a dental filling.

Root Canal Consultation

One of the dentists at our Fairfax practice will gently examine your mouth and your tooth using our world-class digital x-ray technology, Vatech i3D, to identify any infected teeth or other issues.

Local Anesthesia

Our advanced dental techniques and local anesthesia make undergoing root canal treatment a comfortable procedure. Contrary to popular belief, modern root canal treatment doesn't cause pain - it is what gives patients much-needed relief from the infection.

Root Canal Procedure

A small opening will be made in the tooth so that the infected pulp inside can be removed. Once the pulp is removed, the inside of the tooth will be disinfected. Small rods may then be placed in the root canals to help support the tooth.

Sealing the Tooth

After the pulp has been removed and the root canals are disinfected, the dentist will fill the pulp cavity and root canals with a rubber-like compound. 


In most cases, a crown will be added to a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy to provide support. The dentists at our Fairfax practice will create a highly precise impression of the tooth to design your crown. While your crown is being fabricated by our trusted lab, which typically takes a couple of weeks, we will provide you with a temporary crown. 

Crown Placement

When you return for the placement of the permanent crown, we will test the fit to ensure it is comfortable and blends in naturally with your smile. If necessary, the dentist can make adjustments at this time. Once you and the dentist are pleased with the results, the crown will be cemented in place permanently.

Have a Question about Root Canals?

What If I Need an Extraction?

For a root canal treatment to be successful, there needs to be enough tooth structure to support a crown and preserve the tooth. If a tooth is severely compromised, extraction may be the only solution.

If extraction is necessary, our highly trained dentists can restore your smile and your bite with a dental bridge or dental implant. Our Fairfax practice is equipped with the latest in implant technology, which allows us to meet a wide range of needs. 

The Fairfax Family Dental Care office building.

Fairfax Family Dental Care

Our team of compassionate dental professionals uses state-of-the-art technology for every procedure we offer. As the premier emergency dentists in Fairfax, we are here to offer relief at any time of day or night, seven days a week. Our dentists are affiliated with professional associations including:

  • American Dental Association
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • The American Orthodontic Society
  • Virginia Dental Association

To schedule an appointment or receive immediate dental care, call: (703) 385-0303 or contact us online.

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