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Teeth Whitening

Stained and yellowed teeth can cause feelings of embarrassment and make you want to hide your smile.

Teeth whitening at Fairfax Family Dental can safely whiten your smile in just one treatment.

Learn how our dentists in Fairfax, VA, can whiten your teeth quickly so you can achieve a dazzling smile in time for an important event. 

Candidates for Teeth Whitening

Good Oral Health

Patients must be in good oral health and free from gum disease and tooth decay before receiving teeth whitening or other cosmetic treatments.

Type of Stain

Though we can usually lift surface-level stains, deep stains or damaged enamel may not respond to teeth whitening. Your dentist will help you determine if an alternative treatment may be a better option for you.

Good Health

Patients who have UV sensitivity, are taking drugs that make them sensitive to light, or are undergoing photo-chemotherapy should discuss teeth whitening with their dentist and primary care doctor before undergoing whitening treatments.

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We understand that tooth discoloration or a yellowed smile can cause feelings of embarrassment; however, even with flawless oral hygiene, stains and discoloration can develop over time. When you visit our dental practice for teeth whitening, you can rest assured that we will not judge. Healthy and beautiful smiles are important to us, and we want patients to feel comfortable and confident when proceeding with treatment.

Our dentists, Charles D. Kirksey, Milan Simanek, and Touraj Kamali, practice conservative dentistry and will never push treatment on you if they don't think it will help you achieve your goals. Contact us online or call our Fairfax, VA, dental practice so we can determine if professional whitening is right for you. 

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Financing and Insurance

Because teeth whitening is considered a cosmetic procedure, dental insurance won't cover it; however, we accept CareCredit® financing which helps patients pay for treatment in affordable monthly installments.

How Does In-Office Treatment Work?

Our Fairfax dental practice uses BriteSmile® and REMBRANDT® teeth whitening systems to give our patients results in just one appointment.
While the professional bleaching solution is powerful, your dentist will adjust the concentration to meet your unique needs and safely whiten your smile.
While the professional bleaching solution is powerful, your dentist will adjust the concentration to meet your unique needs and safely whiten your smile.


During your initial consultation, your dentist will examine your mouth and ask you questions about your medical and dental histories to determine if you are a good candidate for in-office teeth whitening.


Your dentist will begin treatment by covering your gums and lips with a protective barrier to keep them from coming into contact with the whitening solution. This can help prevent irritation and sensitivity.

Whitening Solution

Next, a whitening solution will be applied to your teeth and a special light will be used to activate the whitening solution.

Monitor Teeth

The bleaching solution will be left on your teeth in 15-minute increments. Every 15 minutes, your dentist will remove the solution to check the shade of your enamel and apply more gel if you want even whiter teeth. This may happen several times.

Remove Solution

Once you've reached your desired shade, your dentist will remove the bleaching solution from each tooth and your treatment will be complete.
At-home whitening kit

At-Home Whitening Kits

Some patients prefer to undergo whitening in the comfort of their own homes. Our Fairfax, VA, dental practice also offers professional whitening kits you can take home with you and use on your own schedule. These kits work much better than store-bought whitening products as the solution and the bleaching trays are customized to your teeth for maximum whitening benefits. Simply wear your trays for 30 minutes each day for two weeks and achieve a brighter smile from home.

Alternatives to Teeth Whitening

Deep dental stains and discoloration may not respond to teeth whitening. Fortunately, our Fairfax dental practice offers alternatives to teeth whitening so you can achieve whiter teeth and enhance the appearance of your smile.
Woman with porcelain veneer shade

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers conceal deep stains and other dental flaws to give your smile a whiter, more symmetrical appearance.

Man in need of dental bonding

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding can quickly cover stained teeth and address minor chips, cracks, and gaps for a brighter, healthier-looking smile.

Teeth Whitening Questions and Answers

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes. Your dentist will adjust your bleaching solution to safely whiten your teeth and minimize sensitivity. While our professional bleaching solution is powerful, your dentist will ensure your enamel and gums don't come into contact with it.

I have sensitive teeth. Can I still undergo whitening at your dental practice?

Yes. Even patients with sensitive teeth can achieve whiter teeth. Your dentist will customize your whitening treatment and monitor you throughout your procedure to minimize sensitivity and discomfort. 

Can teeth whitening be used with other cosmetic treatments?

Yes. Patients who undergo cosmetic or even restorative dentistry treatments often receive professional teeth whitening to further enhance the appearance of their teeth.

How long do the results from teeth whitening last?

With proper care, you can maintain a brightened smile for about six months. Practice good oral hygiene and minimize your intake of foods and drinks that may stain your teeth to prolong your results for up to three years.

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