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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth often crowd other teeth, emerge at the wrong angle, or never fully erupt from the gums at all. 

These issues can cause pain, infection, and damage to your other teeth.

Find out how Fairfax Family Dental Care in Fairfax, VA, performs wisdom tooth removal to ease pain and prevent oral health concerns. 

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that come in at the very back of the upper and lower jaw. They typically appear during a patient’s late teens or early 20s. Wisdom teeth may erupt from the gumline like other teeth, but they may also stay trapped within the gums or collide with surrounding teeth. This is called impaction.
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A Closer Look at Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth frequently erupt at improper angles, which can damage surrounding tissue, disrupt the alignment of your smile, and cause considerable pain. Wisdom tooth removal can either be performed to treat an active issue or as a preventive measure.

Who Needs Wisdom Teeth Removal?

At Fairfax Family Dental Care, we generally recommend most young adult patients have their wisdom teeth removed as a preventative measure. Wisdom teeth removal and recovery are easier at a younger age, before the roots and bone have fully formed and the teeth are firmly anchored in place. Wisdom teeth are also removed in adults when they are either causing problems now, or are likely to in the future. During an exam, we will use advanced X-ray technology to easily determine whether you or your child could benefit from the procedure. 

Why Choose Fairfax Family Dental Care?

Dr. Charles D. Kirksey, Dr. Milan Simanek, Dr. Touraj Kamali, and our office team are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art dentistry and superior care. At Fairfax Family Dental Care, our dentists have advanced training that allows us to provide specialized treatments that most dentists can't. We can perform any dental procedure, from impacted wisdom teeth extraction to dental implant placement.

While many dental offices need to refer patients to oral surgeons for complex procedures, we can take care of all your oral health needs under one roof. This ensures comprehensive care for you and your family, and avoids the hassle of visiting multiple providers for dental care. 

At our Fairfax, VA, practice, we have been extracting wisdom teeth for over 30 years. If you're experiencing wisdom teeth issues or wanting to prevent these issues altogether, we are here to help. Don't wait for wisdom teeth to cause more problems. Contact us online or call:

(703) 385-0303

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Always have a great, smooth experience with Dr. Kamali and his team. They are friendly, respectful, caring and courteous of your time. The office is run very smoothly and efficiently. Dr. Kamali is the best dentist I've experienced in all my years (69yo). Definitely recommend.

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What to Expect During Wisdom Teeth Removal

During your consultation, we will take X-rays to locate the wisdom teeth. Next, we will schedule you for surgery at our Fairfax, VA, practice. Unlike many practices, we are able to perform complex extractions of impacted teeth and will not need to refer you to an outside oral surgeon. Wisdom teeth removal generally takes 45 minutes or less. On the day of your surgery, you can expect:
We can perform any dental procedure, from impacted wisdom teeth extraction to dental implant placement.

Day of Procedure

We can perform any dental procedure, from impacted wisdom teeth extraction to dental implant placement.


We will provide local anesthesia to make the treatment area numb, which will minimize any discomfort you experience during this procedure.


Once you are sedated, your dentist will create any necessary incisions in your gums or bone tissue in order to access the impacted wisdom tooth.


Your dentist will rock the wisdom tooth back and forth in the socket to loosen it. Though you should not feel pain, you may feel pressure at the extraction site. The tooth may need to be separated into smaller pieces to be extracted.


If an incision was made in the gum tissue, it will be closed with sutures that will dissolve in seven to 10 days. To encourage blood clot formation at the sockets, the dentist will place gauze for you to bite down on.

Recovery and Aftercare

Most patients need at least a few days off school or work after having their wisdom teeth removed. Your dentist can prescribe a pain medication to alleviate any discomfort and will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions. As you recover:

  • Don't brush your teeth. rinse your mouth, or use mouthwash for the first 24 hours after surgery. After 24 hours, you may resume brushing your teeth (but be very gentle near the extraction sites). Use a saltwater rise every two hours and after meals.
  • Facial swelling is common after wisdom teeth removal. You should apply cold packs to your cheeks and jaw to help keep swelling down.
  • Stick to soft foods after surgery, like rice, pasta, or applesauce. Avoid hard, spicy, crunchy, or sticky foods that may irritate the extraction site. 
  • Dry socket can occur if blood clots at the extraction sites are dislodged, exposing the tissue and causing pain. To prevent dry socket, avoid foods or liquids that are overly hot, drinking through a straw, smoking, and drinking alcohol.

Call our Fairfax, VA, office if:

  • Pain occurs at the extraction sites around day three or four after wisdom teeth removal
  • You develop a fever
  • You experience numbness
  • You experience bleeding more than two days after surgery

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Great staff. Full of personality and very welcoming. They are very detailed in their work and would highly recommend to anyone.

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